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According To Science, What Is Nicotinamide?

According To Science, What Is Nicotinamide?

Title: Use of 1-MNA to Improve Exercise Tolerance and Fatigue in Patients after COVID-19

Authors: Michał Chudzik, Monika Burzyniska, and Joanna Kapusta

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Title: N1-methylnicotinamide (MNAM) as a guardian of cardiovascular system

Authors: Hamid Reza Nejabati, Aynaz Mihanfar, Masoud Pezeshkian, Amir Fattahi, Zeinab latifi, Naser Safaie, Mohammad Valiloo, Ahmad Reza Jodati, Mohammad Nouri

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Title: Nicotinamide Riboside Augments the Aged Human Skeletal Muscle NAD+ Metabolome and Induces Transcriptomic and Anti-inflammatory Signatures

Authors: Yasir S. Elhassan, Katarina Kluckova, Rachel S. Fletcher, Mark S. Schmidt, Antje Garten, Craig L. Doig, David M. Cartwright, Lucy Oakey, Claire V. Burley, Ned Jenkinson, Martin Wilson, Samuel J.E. Lucas, Ildem Akerman, Alex Seabright, Yu-Chiang Lai, Daniel A. Tennant, Peter Nightingale, Gareth A. Wallis, Konstantinos N. Manolopoulos, Charles Brenner, Andrew Philp,and Gareth G. Lavery

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