Our Mission

At Mimio, we are on mission to help everyone harness the power of their own biology and enhance the human healthspan.

You'll find Mimio and our biomimetic research at the intersection of ancient wisdom and modern science. By studying the human body in some of its most powerful regenerative states, we tap into thousands of years of evolutionary knowledge to unlock the awesome power of our biology.

Our Founder

It all started with a hunger for knowledge

As a nutrition researcher, I've always been fascinated by the extraordinary ability of fasting to extend lifespan and activate our body's natural ability to heal itself. But while the health benefits of fasting are remarkable, it can be a hard lifestyle to maintain long term and its not safe for many people.

That's why I dedicated my research career to unraveling the mysteries of fasting and finding a way to activate those same benefits on demand. After all, it's our biology, why shouldn't it be under our control?

Mimio is the fulfillment of that scientific dream and I couldn't be prouder to share it with you or more excited for what's to come.

To your health!

Dr. Chris Rhodes

University of California, Davis
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Nutritional Biochemistry

Let’s Go Back to The Beginning


Foundational Studies

Inspired by the power of fasting to enhance lifespan, our co-founders Dr. Chris Rhodes and Dr. Angela Zivkovic spent years researching the human body's response to a 36 hour fast and how it could unlock our built-in longevity bio-programs. Their groundbreaking discoveries laid the foundation for the creation of the Mimio formulation.


Mimio Is Born

After their impressive discoveries took the science world by storm, Chris and Angela teamed up with UC Davis' Venture Catalyst program and co-founder Caitlin Beatty to found Mimio and continue their biomimetic research.


Mimio x IndieBio

Hot off the founding of the company, Mimio was immediately recognized as one of the most exciting new startups in biotech and joined the 11th cohort of the prestigious IndieBio accelerator program. There, the Mimio team collaborated with some of the greatest entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and innovators to bring Mimio from the lab to your counter top.


Mimio Comes to Life

After a rigorous global search for the best manufacturing partners and highest quality ingredients, the first ever prototypes of Mimio were made, third party certified, and clinically evaluated for their ability to recreate the effects of fasting, even during a meal. (Spoilers: they worked!)


Hello World!

At long last, after years of research and collaborations with the highest caliber partners, Mimio launched our Daily Biomimetic Cell Care into the world. Today, Mimio is helping countless people across the country harness the transformative power of their own biology to enhance their healthspan and live at their peak. And we're just getting started...

8 years later we're an award-winning team, founded by doctors and backed by extensive research, institutions, and longevity clinics.

The Team

PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry and lead scientist of Mimio, Chris has spent over 10 years studying human fasting and continues to push Mimio's pioneering biomimetic research initiatives forward.

Dr. Chris Rhodes

CEO, Co-Founder

Experience start-up operator and nationally recognized athlete, Caitlin is the organizational mastermind that keeps everything at Mimio running smoothly and at the highest standards.

Caitlin Beatty

COO, Co-Founder

PhD and Professor of Nutrition at UC Davis, Angela is an expert in personalized nutrition and -omic research who's insights into human metabolism were instrumental in the discovery of Mimio.

Dr. Angela Zivkovic


Alum of Netflix, Gamefly, P+G, and Rally Health, Camille is an expert marketer and the brains behind Mimio's effort to make our biomimetic formulation part of every home in America.

Camille Watson


Alum of rockstar brands Casper and Away, Neil takes center stage to optimize growth and keep Mimio's digital presence firing on all cylinders.

Neil Heckman

Director of E-Com

Partners, Institutions, and Clinics on Team Mimio


A Healthier You, A Healthier Planet

Personal longevity means nothing without planetary longevity. That's why our entire packaging system was designed with sustainability in mind. Each and every piece of our mailers and packaging is 100% compostable, reusable, or recyclable, taking thousands of plastic bottles out of the waste stream.

Harnessing the power of human biology to unlock your natural potential

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Backed by science

Third-party tested

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