Designed from Fasting to Supercharge Your Cells

We spent 7 years of clinical research to decode the human body’s natural response to fasting and find a way to unlock the benefits on demand.

Prolonged Fasting

Our research showed a 36 hour fast elevates unique bioactive metabolites in the body that help activate the cellular health and longevity benefits of fasting.

Side Effects
Headaches Fatigue Hunger

Mimio’s Biomimetic Technology

Mimio puts a unique combination of clinically-validated fasting metabolites in a daily dose to help promote your body’s beneficial fasting and longevity pathways on demand. No fasting required.

Side Effects
feel great
mimio product

Two a Day, Everyday

  • Take with or before a meal to help increase satiety and reduce the negative impacts of eating.

  • Supercharge the benefits of your shorter fasts and make fasting easier.

  • Support healthy aging with holistic brain, metabolic, heart, immune, joint, and skin health.

  • Feel, think, perform, and live at your peak!

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