We have a confession...

We didn't design our formulation. Thousands of years of biology did.

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Activating Your Body's Built-In Longevity Mode

Turns out the fountain of youth was inside us all along! Well, not exactly, but pretty close.

Countless studies have shown that prolonged fasting is capable of profoundly enhancing our health. Promoting vitality, regeneration, and survival at the cellular level by activating our body's natural longevity pathways [1,2].

Designed From Fasting To Supercharge Your Cells

diagram of traditional fasting diagram of mimio's effect

Traditional Fasting

diagram of traditional fasting

Our Ph.D. founders spent years researching what happens in the body during prolonged fasting. They found that during a fast our body produces a unique set of bioactive molecules that are responsible for activating your cells' natural longevity pathways and helping create the benefits of fasting. The downside? It took 36 hours without food for these "fasting metabolites" to become significantly elevated, which can be... a lot.

Mimio’s Biomimetic Technology

diagram of mimio's effect

Mimio's biomimetic formula puts a synergistic combination of those same fasting metabolites into a simple daily dose to help activate your cells' beneficial fasting pathways on demand. No fasting required. Our formulation was even able to increase lifespan in animal models by 96%!

Get Nerdy With Us

Science backed, clinically-validated results we're excited to share.

Check out our peer-reviewed clinical study to learn more about our biomimetic research, the discovery of Mimio, and how we were able to mimic the cellular effects of fasting and extend lifespan in model organisms by 96%.

Healthier Cells For a Healthier You

Mimio uses the power of daily fasting metabolites to wake up your biology and help boost your cells' natural ability to clean, repair, and protect themselves, supporting:

  • Balanced Cellular Inflammation

    Mimio helps regulate multiple cellular inflammatory pathways to keep our immune responses balanced and help control inflammaging.

    Pathways affected*: NF-KB, NLRP-3, COX 1/2, PPARs, cytokine signalling
  • Enhanced Stress Resistance

    Mimio helps cells produce less waste and damaging free radicals while helping increase cell stability and resilience to oxidative stress and DNA damage.

    Pathways affected*: Nrf-2, ERK, AMPK, PPARs, SIRTs, mitochondrial function
  • Cellular Clean-Up and Restoration

    Mimio supports autophagy and mitophagy helping to clear damaged proteins and organelles and recycle their components into new functional versions.

    Pathways affected*: mTOR, AKT, HATs, AMPK, SIRTs, mitochondrial function
  • Optimized Metabolism

    Mimio supports mitochondrial health and biogenesis and helps regulate cellular fasting pathways that optimize energy efficiency, reduce waste, and promote fat metabolism.

    Pathways affected*: AKT, P13K, AMPK, SIRT/NAD+, PPARs, mitophagy
  • Healthy Aging

    Mimio targets multiple cellular pathways and processes associated with increased longevity, helping your cells restore and maintain their function as they age (slower).

    Pathways affected*: mTOR, AKT, AMPK, SIRT/NAD+, PPARs, ERK, NrF-2, mitochondrial biogenesis, autophagy

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Allow Us to Introduce Yourself.

The ingredients in Mimio's biomimetic formulation are naturally elevated in the body during a 36 hour fast, validated in over 100 clinical studies, and work together to help optimize your health at a cellular level.



Made from the breakdown of amino acids in your body, spermidine is a powerhouse of cellular protection and repair. It’s been shown to support cellular autophagy, mitochondrial health, cognition, and healthy aging.*

Read Studies about Spermidine



Made from healthy fats in your body, OEA is a cellular metabolic supercharger. It’s been clinically shown to help control hunger and cravings, support metabolic health, help balance dietary inflammation, and support healthy body composition.*

Read Studies about Oleoylethanolamide



PEA is a natural endocannabinoid produced by the body that helps cells rest, relax, and recover from stress. It’s been clinically shown to help support mood, relief of everyday discomfort, sleep quality, and balanced immune responses.*

Read Studies about Palmitoylethanolamide



A naturally occurring vitamin derivative, nicotinamide is a key component of cellular energy balance and production. It’s been clinically shown to support heart, muscle, and skin health and help boost cellular NAD+ levels.*

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Designed From 7+ Years of Clinical Fasting Research

Patent-pending formulation

Ingredients validated in 100+ studies

Designed from human biology

Developed by UC Davis PhDs in Nutrition

Harnessing the power of human biology to unlock your natural potential

Created by Doctors

Backed by science

Third-party tested

Proven results