Mimio Biomimetic Cell Care

  • 60 capsules per pouch

The first biomimetic supplement designed from human biology to activate your body’s natural longevity systems and enhance your healthspan.

  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • GMO Free
  • GMP Certified
  • Compostable
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  • 100% Happiness Guarantee
  • What's Included

    Single Subscription:
    1 pouch of 60 capsules
    Refillable canister
    Travel tin
    |Double Subscription:
    2 pouches of 60 capsules
    Refillable canister
    Travel tin

    One-Time Trial Single:
    1 pouch of 60 capsules
    One-Time Trial Double:
    2 pouches of 60 capsules

  • Ingredients

    2 capsules / daily serving

    Niacin (as Nicotinamide) - 250mg
    Ultra Micronized Palmitoylethanolamide - 600mg
    Oleoylethanolamide - 400mg
    Spermidine (as Spermidine Trihydrochloride) - 8mg

    Other Ingredients: Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (Capsule), Vegetable Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide

  • How to Use

    Take 2 Mimio capsules daily with or without food

Harness The Power of Daily Fasting Metabolites

Use Mimio as a...

Fasting Mimetic

Take Mimio with food to help activate your fasting pathways, even during a meal, and minimize dietary inflammation, brain fog, and sluggishness.

Fasting Enhancer

Take Mimio during your fast to help maximize your benefits and make fasting easier by supporting appetite control, energy, mood, motivation.

Performance Boost

Take Mimio an hour before you need to perform at your best to support sustained energy, optimal flow state, endurance, and reduced recovery time.

Mimio helps activate your built-in longevity bio-program

You're just 3 months away from healthy, happy, and optimized cells!

Day 1

Mimio’s biomimetic formula gets to work right away, helping to jumpstart your body’s natural regenerative systems. You may not notice any immediate effects, but Mimio is working with your natural biology to optimize your cellular function, so every cell in your body can start to thrive.

Day 14

As Mimio helps to repair damaged cells and restore proper function, you may start to notice the tangible benefits of cellular revitalization. Customers have reported an increase in all-day energy, less joint and muscle discomfort, hunger control, and mood enhancement. But if you're not feeling it yet, don't worry, some cellular journeys are longer than others. 

Day 30

After 1 month, your cells should be firing on all cylinders and the whole body effects of Mimio will begin to appear, taking your day-to-day function to the next level. You may experience enhanced exercise performance and recovery, improved focus and cognition, and increased motivation to get things done.

Day 60

After 2 months on Mimio the holistic benefits of healthy cells should be shining through. In the 100+ clinical studies performed on Mimio's ingredients, 60 days of supplementation is the most studied and has been shown to improve metabolic, skin, joint, muscle, and brain health while reducing markers of inflammation and oxidative stress.

Day 90+

Congrats! At 90 days, Mimio has helped put your cells back in working order and enhanced their function to help make you the best version of you. Over time, Mimio will help you sustain all of these benefits, protecting you (and your cells) from future harm. As Mimio increases your cellular stress resistance and promotes cellular regeneration and repair, you will be on the path to aging better and living more.

Hear the results


Customers rated appetite supression


Customers rated improved focus


Customers rated enhanced endurance


Customers rated sustained energy

Ingredients from your own biology

Each ingredient in Mimio's biomimetic formulation is naturally elevated in the body during a 36 hour fast. Our research showed these powerful fasting metabolites work together to promote many of the cellular benefits of fasting and even extended lifespan in model organisms by 96%. [1]


Made from the breakdown of amino acids in your body, spermidine is a powerhouse of cellular protection and repair. It’s been shown to support autophagy, mitochondrial health, cognition, and healthy aging

Spermidine is best known for it's powerful ability induce cellular autophagy, but also plays roles in regulating mitophagy, cellular inflammatory signals, fat metabolism, and growth pathways to promote longevity.*

*Data from in vitro and/or animal studies


A naturally occurring vitamin derivative, nicotinamide is a key component of cellular energy balance and production. It’s been clinically shown to support heart, muscle, and skin health and help boost cellular NAD+ levels.

Nicotinamide is a precursor for cellular NAD+, a key energy sensing component of cellular metabolism. Increased NAD+ levels serve as a signal to activate multiple metabolic efficiency pathways within cells that help protect against cellular waste, DNA damage, protein dysfunction, and oxidative stress that can accelerate aging.


Made from healthy fats in your body, OEA is a cellular metabolic supercharger. It’s been clinically shown to help control hunger and cravings, support metabolic health, help balance dietary inflammation, and support healthy body composition.

OEA is a PPAR activator which regulates cellular metabolism to promote fat breakdown, stress resistance, and cell stability. OEA is also a part of the gut-brain axis, where it helps stimulate satiety via the promotion of GLP-1 production from intestinal cells.*

*Data from in vitro research


PEA is a natural endocannabinoid produced by the body that helps cells rest, relax, and recover from stress. It’s been clinically shown to help support mood, everyday discomfort relief, sleep quality, and balanced immune responses.

PEA stimulates CB receptors and PPAR pathways to create restorative effects throughout the body, but particularly in brain cells. PEA also activates key longevity and stress resistance pathways like AMPK and Nrf-2 while regulating pro-aging pathways like mTOR and NFKB.*

*Data from in vitro research