Scientific Literature

The Truth Behind Fasting: Scientific Literature

The Truth Behind Fasting: Scientific Literature

Title: Nutrition, longevity and disease: From molecular mechanisms to interventions

Authors: Valter D. Longo and Rozalyn M. Anderson

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Title: Impact of intermittent fasting on health and disease processes

Authors: Mark P. Mattson, Valter D. Longo, Michelle Harvie

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Title: Fasting: Molecular Mechanisms and Clinical Applications

Authors: Valter D. Longo and Mark P. Mattson

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Our Founder

It all started with a hunger for knowledge

As a nutrition researcher, I've always been fascinated by the extraordinary ability of fasting to extend lifespan and activate our body's natural ability to heal itself. But while the health benefits of fasting are remarkable, it can be a hard lifestyle to maintain long term and its not safe for many people.

That's why I dedicated my research career to unraveling the mysteries of fasting and finding a way to activate those same benefits on demand. After all, it's our biology, why shouldn't it be under our control?

Mimio is the fulfillment of that scientific dream and I couldn't be prouder to share it with you or more excited for what's to come.

To your health!

Dr. Chris Rhodes

University of California, Davis
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Nutritional Biochemistry

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