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How Cell Care Supports Aging Naturally: Age Naturally with Mimio


How Cell Care Supports Aging Naturally: Age Naturally with Mimio

Aging is one of the most impactful processes in your body and is visual evidence of cell death. It's no surprise that our cell health plays a big role in longevity and health span.

Our cells age through a similar process as our bodies. In fact, our bodies age because our cells do. The wrinkles on our faces, slowed metabolism, and that creaking noise that our knees are now making are all caused by a breakdown in cellular function over time.

While cells have multiple active systems to keep them healthy, as we age, they become less active and can lead to a build-up of damage and disregulation of function. Autophagy, our cells' built-in survival mode, triggers their regenerative mechanisms and optimizes their function for longevity. Prolonged periods of fasting and Mimio are shown to help activate autophagy and extend the health span and lifespan of our cells.

Besides fasting, there are plenty of other steps you can take to help your cells age slower. Sleep, hydration, nutrition, exercise, and stress all play a role in the rate of cell aging. Prioritizing your cell health through daily self-care or Mimio can profoundly impact your well-being. Mimo's Daily Cell Care targets cell functionality by delivering organic compounds that promote your system's ability to clean, repair and protect itself.

Live long and prosper!

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