Cellular Health

Cell Care: Cellular Health, Metabolism, and Energy


Cell Care: Cellular Health, Metabolism, and Energy
Learn how your cellular health impacts your metabolism and energy levels.

Attention afternoon crashers — prioritizing cell health is an easy and holistic way to maintain energy levels all day. Whether you are just not a morning person or 3 pm hits hard, the rollercoaster of energy spikes and falls can wreak havoc on our productivity and circadian rhythm. Let’s explore why cell health is important to your metabolism and energy.

Our cells survive and thrive by absorbing and converting nutrients into ATP, the energy molecule that powers cellular function and your whole body. This process is mainly performed within our cells by the mitochondria, you might remember it as, "the powerhouse of the cell." ️

When our cellular metabolism runs smoothly, we can create clean energy for the body with minimal waste output. Healthy, functional mitochondria are responsible for our youthful energy and quick wit, as well as keeping our whole-body metabolism revving at top speed.

Now, like any hero to villain story arc, if our mitochondria become damaged or over-worked they can release waste and toxins into their environment, leading to a buildup of cellular damage and dysfunctional parts (aka cell junk) that can slow down our whole-body metabolism, sap our energy levels, and even accelerate our rate of aging.

Luckily, the body has a mechanism for repairing and replacing damaged mitochondria called mitophagy. But there’s a catch — mitophagy can help us restore our metabolic function to more youthful levels, but the process is not often autonomously triggered, and its activity declines with age.

Take your cell health into your own hands

You can activate mitophagy through intense exercise and prolonged fasting. Both deplete cellular energy reserves and release specialized metabolites in the body that signal our cells to optimize energy efficiency, promoting cellular recycling processes like mitophagy. Mimio also naturally promotes mitophagy using these same metabolites.

Ultimately, how well our cellular metabolism and mitochondria perform is directly responsible for how well our whole body functions, from fat utilization to exercise performance to memory and cognition. Giving our cells the support they crave majorly impacts our health and keeps us (and our metabolisms) running in peak form.

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