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Science-backed, clinically studied supplements that mimic fasting to support cell-health and unlock your best self.

The benefits of fasting, while still eating

Increased metabolism

Heightened mood and clarity


Promotes healthy aging

Daily ache & pain relief

Increased energy

Supercharge your metabolism, without the downsides

Taking Mimio increases the same beneficial bioactive metabolites that fasting does, just without the negative side effects.


Increases beneficial metabolites



Hunger from lack of food


Increases beneficial metabolites

Eat regularly

No headaches, fatigue, hunger

Naturally occuring bio ingredients

Metabolic supercharger

Cell health & autophagy inducer

Take two supplements a day, every day

As a fasting mimetic taken with food to prevent the negative side effects of eating

As a fasting enhancer without food to maximize the benefits of your shorter fasts

For a performance boost providing sustained energy, optimal flow state, enhanced endurance, and faster recovery

Hear what real people are saying about Mimio and their cell care journey



Users rated appetite supression


Users rated improved focus


Users rated enhanced endurance


Users rated sustained energy

  • “Mimio is such a breakthrough. The science is amazing and the results are even better. I’ve done several 3-day fasts and Mimio really makes me feel similar effects in my body, especially increased focus and alertness. I tend to get distracted when I’m working but I found that I was energized and could do tasks for longer and much more easily.“

    Wes Dang

  • “I’m a big health and wellness person, but I had never even thought about taking care of my cells before! I guess small things really do make a big difference because even on the first day I noticed a lot of positive changes. I had more energy, a much better outlook and calmer state of mind and, overtime, way less redness and irritation on my skin. I’m hooked, get this!”

    Anya Bravos

  • “I’m very picky about what I put in my body so I LOVE that all the ingredients are natural and identical to what’s in my system already. I’ve always wanted to get into fasting, but struggled with anything beyond just skipping a meal. Mimio has been a game changer for me. It helps me control my hunger so well and gives me a ton of motivation and energy to get stuff done. Fasting is a breeze now and I’ve never felt as good while doing it.”

    Casey Albert

  • “I’ve been taking Mimio for a few weeks now and have been loving my journey! Within a few days of starting Mimio, I began to notice many benefits. I was taking Mimio during the holidays and noticed my craving for sweets was greatly reduced and stayed that way! My energy level went up, which I really noticed when, during my usual dog walk, I found myself jogging with my dog, which I rarely do - I felt good! I also felt more motivated to plan out and complete all those arduous post-holiday tasks too. I am looking forward to enjoying these positive effects of Mimio as the New Year continues!”

    Mary Holland

  • ”Mimio is honestly MAGIC. I’ve struggled for years with anxiety and Mimio has helped me feel so much more balanced and at peace. The mood elevation is real and I love the added clean energy and focus I get from it. I’ve even noticed less aches and soreness after working out so I feel like I’m taking care of my body for the long haul. Thank you Mimio!”

    Leon McNeely

  • "I LOVE the Mimio biomimetic fasting supplement! I already practice intermittent fasting, but Mimio takes this to the next level by reducing my hunger level while boosting my energy. I really appreciate Mimio's approach to leveraging what my body is already producing rather than introducing an exogenous substance. I’ve even seen a boost in my cycling performance, as shorty after I started taking it, I crushed my two buddies up several big climbs and set a PR for the ride!”

    Wes Selke

  • “ I’m always very skeptical, but was pleasantly surprised how great Mimio was for me. I felt more focused and energetic, but without any jitteriness that I usually get from caffeine. Mimio will definitely remain a part of my daily routine. I can’t wait for my next month!”

    Donnovan Albert

  • “My daily commute involves biking up a hill. I enjoy the challenge every day. But by the end of the week, I feel sore sometimes. I've been taking Mimio consistently, and within a week or so, I have noticed an improvement in post-workout recovery and soreness. I’ve been enjoying the satisfaction and confidence that comes with knowing that I won’t be too sore if I bike too much!”

    Paikshit Sharma

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While obtaining his Ph.D in Nutritional Biochemistry from UC Davis, Dr. Rhodes helmed the clinical research studies on human fasting that formed the basis of Mimio’s formulation. He takes nutrition seriously but also wants it to be seriously fun. That’s why you’ll find him over on TikTok (@thatnutritiondr) educating his 145k followers about fasting, cell care, and healthy eating 60 seconds at a time.

Dr. Chris Rhodes

Chief Executive Officer

When Caitlin’s brother Chris (yes, our Chris) developed his amazing method for tapping into powerful human biological systems to promote cell care, she knew exactly how to turn that innovative technology into a business thanks to her diverse background in early stage start-ups and community growth. Her organizational and management skills have helped take Mimio from an idea to a reality.

Caitlin Beatty

Chief Operating Officer

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