What is Biomimetic Science?


What is Biomimetic Science?

Biomimetic. Sounds Science-y, But
What Does it Mean? 

Biomimetic might not be a household term (yet), but it's one of the most interesting fields of research and technology out there. Simply put, biomimetic science is the process of studying and mimicking biology (see what we did there?) in order to find ways that the natural world can help us solve problems. If you've ever heard the term "nature knows best", that's what biomimicry is all about.  

From velcro to antibiotics and even swimsuits designed from shark skin, biomimetic science has led to some amazing innovations. Even now, scientists (like us) are using biomimetic research to unlock the power of biology to help cure diseases, regrow organs, and enhance our longevity. 

But what makes biomimicry so special?

We humans are pretty smart, but, no offense to us, nature is even smarter. If there's a problem that needs to be solved it's likely that nature has already spent thousands of years finding a solution.

By studying the world around us and recreating its systems, we can tap into thousands if not millions of years of evolutionary knowledge. Almost like a cheat sheet to scientific discovery. Biomimicry enables us to harness naturally designed systems that have been perfected through millennia of trial and error and use them to improve our daily lives. 

Not only does this approach help us make discoveries faster, but it helps us get better results because nature has already built a working "prototype". All we have to do is replicate it and improve on the design where we can. 

So what does this have to do with Mimio?

Glad you asked! It may come as no surprise that we at Mimio are big believers in biomimetic science. 

✨Fun fact: "Mimio" is a combination of Mimic and Biology together ✨

That's why when we wanted to uncover the secrets to living a longer, healthier life we went right to the source: human biology.

Lucky for us, humans already have their own built-in biological systems for enhancing their longevity. Countless studies have shown that long periods of fasting activate a cellular survival mode within organisms that optimizes their function, enhances their health, and, ultimately, extends their lifespan.  

After years of biomimetic research studying what happens in the human body during prolonged fasting our founder, Dr. Chris Rhodes, was able to find a way to recreate those same cellular benefits without any need to fast. Out of that discovery, Mimio was born. 

Mimio uses a combination of the same molecules that are naturally produced by the body during a 36 hour fast in order to mimic fasting at the molecular level - working with our biology to activate our cellular systems for repair, protection, and longevity. Mimio's biomimetic formula worked so well, in fact, that we could even extend the lifespan of model organisms by 96%! 

You are the future.

While we couldn't be more proud to share our foundational discoveries with the world, mimicking fasting is just the beginning for us at Mimio. Using our biomimetic research approach, we want to unravel the secrets of human biology and put them at our fingertips to unlock our natural potential. From exercise to sleep to meditation, the human body is loaded with regenerative states and protective molecules we want to harness to enhance our healthspan.

Biomimetic science has already given us so many extraordinary innovations, but just wait for what's to come :)

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